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 Brandy Bakerah Chrismon-Turner

started her love for the beauty industry
at the age of 6 while French Braiding her

Barbie dolls’ hair and her skilled escalated

from mere talent...

During Brandy’s teenage years, many of her classmates became her clients. While in college, she started a platform for looking for the inner beauty

within others while studying photography. In 1993, Brandy began her formal training at Capri Beauty Culture College. Within ten months, she graduated as a member of the Honor Society, receiving numerous awards, including a perfect score on her artist competition.

Since graduation, Brandy has built a extensive clientele. Her concentration has always been on health and the beauty within. She worked with Essations Multi-textural collection as a product knowledge educator, technical consultant and platform artist sharing the wonders of cosmetology to the world.

As an entrepreneur salon owner, Brandy learned the true essence of perseverance. She tips her hat to those who diligence has lasted throughout the decades.

As a licensed Cosmetologist for over 25 years, Brandy attended various seminars to enhance her ability to stay abreast of the latest styles, colors and techniques to service her clients better. Brandy always seeks the next experience to develop her expertise in the cosmetology field.

As a Professional Artist, she believes:

Your face must be lightly powdered and lip gloss popping.
Your skin must be smooth and satin silky
Your nails must be shaped and blinged out
Your hair must always be healthy and shiny and from all of this you can achieve your STYLE

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