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Nail Policy

It has become necessary to look at the problem of people not calling when they are not going to keep their appointments. For this reason, there is going to be a $25.00 charge when and if this occurs before your next scheduled appointment.

Please do not sit at the Nail stylist’s station. Sterilization takes up to 10 minutes.

If you are more than 10 minutes late for your scheduled appointment, you will receive your fill in, pedicure, or manicure without POLISH.

Intoxicating Styles will handle your selection of color. Please refrain from getting your polish color, only your nail technician can touch the polishes.

PLEASE notify me about all repairs, cut down, paraffin wax or extra designs so we can factor that into your appointment, or that service may not be able to be performed. When you delay your fill-in more than 4 weeks, there will be a surcharge of $15.00.

Your removal of polish prior to your nail care service will expedite your service.

Pedicures must be scheduled approximately 2 to 3 weeks in advance.

PLEASE Do not touch any of the salon products for sanitation purposes.

We pride ourselves by performing most of our nail services without the use of drills. (upon request)

Fiberglass/Silk Sets features Micro Manicure. More Natural Look Stronger & Thinner System, doesn’t Dehydrate the Nail, no Discoloring of the Nail, & Minimal Filing. Neat & Simple.

Extreme Gel Glaze Sets features Micro Manicure. Strong & Durable, good for Tips & Natural Nails and No Harsh Odors.

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