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The Salon

        First, Intoxicating Styles would like to say thank you, Lord, for giving us the innate talent to make the outer self, look as Glorious as the inner self. We know through you all blessings flow. Thank you for allowing these blessing to flow through us.

Our Mission:

To make the customer feel special each time you enter the salon, and to provide an elegant, upbeat atmosphere.

To be on the cutting edge of the beauty industry’s trends, and provide the customer with great service and a fun time in a casual environment.

To locate, train, and develop motivated, passionate, hard working professionals who consider themselves to be partners in our quest for uncompromising service and integrity.

To cherish and nurture our clients, our community, our well being, and to preserve our collective resources.

To promote an uplifting environment, where employees and clients alike are encouraged to be strong, real, and true to themselves.

To be the creative leaders in our industry, inspiring others to learn, grow and proactively create their futures.

Lastly, Intoxicating Styles would like to say: “Thank you” to all the wonderful clients and their families that has grace our salon. To our family, you all continue to give that unconditional support. To our friends, you are just the best. Along with God, You protected us, guided us and watched over us in the past 25+ years.

Intoxicating Styles gives all of you much love and respect.

Your owner, Your designers,

Intoxicating Styles

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