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Due to frequent cancelation of appointment, Intoxicating Styles has to enforce a 30% deposit that is non refundable.

  • Payment for your installments can be paid on Paypal, Apple Pay and Cash App. Please put in the notes your Name, date, time, and what your are paying for. (example: Brandy 5-22-20 5:00pm bundles of hair and basic color)

  • All clients must sign Intoxicating Styles release form.

  • If you want to be the only person being served, that can be arranged with

    an additional fee. The service and service time dictates the additional price.

  • Due to the circumstances, if your collective appointment time exceeds 3 hour

    or more your minimum payment amount must exceed $125.00. Due keep in mind the color process and hair extension service run about 4 to 5 hour long depending on creativity. To cut down on your time in the salon,
    You may want to break up the services. (example: take down the hair extensions and shampoo your hair, then do the sewing the next day)

  • Prices are quoted by the stylist upon consultation

  • For all bundles, hair color confirmation must be made in person before Olof

    process can be completed. Any re processing of color after bundles are

    completed will have addition charge to your total bill.

  • Before receiving any hair services, here at Intoxicating Styles Clients must

    inform stylist of any allergies to the glue, threads, hair, netting material, the

    hair or etc. that being use on your head.

  • To secure your Hair Bundles and Coloring the Hair extension, they must be

    paid in full. If payment is not receive, Intoxicating Styles will not
    start any process. If you schedule time passes the allotted service time, an additional fee of $20.00 per hour will be charged. Intoxicating Styles is not responsible for the material used.

  • Intoxicating Styles is not responsible for any sensitivity the client may have due to being tender headed.

  • THERE IS A CANCELLATION FEE OF $60.00 for hair extension service before your next schedule service

By Checking yes, you agree that your name, email and address are in fact accurate on the form you are submitting.
By Checking yes, you agree to the terms listed in the Hair Extension Policy and that you accept the terms of the agreement as it pertains to your appointment.

Thanks for submitting!

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