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To the Clients of Intoxicating Styles,

​Intoxicating ​Styles ​wants​ to ​take ​a​ moment ​to​Thank​You​for ​continuing​ to​ support ​us ​during ​this ​COVID-19 ​Pandemic.​We ​just ​wanted ​to​let ​you ​know ​how ​we​ appreciate you and that we cannot wait to see you!

We are paying close attention to any and all required safety protocols that will or may be required for all licensees governed by our State Board and other agencies such as the Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). While salon and client safety has always been an integral part of our service standard, we want to assure you that Intoxicating​Styles​will​be​taking​even​more​safety​precautions​through​enhanced​safety​ and sanitation measures, protocols and/or best practices.

There will be some new protocols concerning safety, sanitation and salon suites operations. These will be required to perform our services moving forward:


  • Upon​ arrival​ clients ​will ​now ​be ​required ​to ​have ​your ​temperature ​taken​ when ​entering​ the building /beginning the service. Temperatures that at or above [99.5] will not be able to receive a service.

  • Upon​ arrival ​and ​servicing, ​clients ​will ​be ​required ​to​ wash ​their ​hands ​and ​wear ​facial ​mask ​that ​wraps ​around ​your ​ears.

  • All ​jackets ​or ​coats ​must ​be ​put ​in​ the ​closet.

  • Please ​limit ​the ​items ​you ​bring ​with ​you ​to ​your ​service ​to ​one​​ ​ handbag or computer bag. Please no additional items.


  • Clients​ will ​be ​required​ to ​complete ​our ​Safe​Salon​Client​

  • New Client Consultation Form and/or Existing Client Consultation Form​acknowledging​they​have​no​current​symptoms​of​​COVID-19​​ ​ and have not traveled or been in contact with a person or persons infected with the virus within the past 14 days. Failure to comply with completion of this form, will result in services being denied.

The new booklet prices will go into effect January 1, 2021.

  • No food allowed in the salon at any time. Please eat before coming and water containers to be drunk outside the salon.

  • Upon returning, Please re sanitize your hands. Intoxicating​ Styles​ is​ scheduled ​by ​appointment​ only. ​Please ​make ​sure​ you ​let ​me ​know​ everything​ you​ want ​done ​so ​the ​correct ​time ​is​ allotted.

  • Please ​arrive ​on ​time!​ If ​you ​are ​running ​late ​for ​your​ appointment,​ YOU run ​the​ chance ​of​ losing​ that ​appointment​ time and/or being charge the balance of the service deposits are non-refundable.

  •  Due ​to​ the ​circumstances, ​if​ your ​collective ​appointment​ time​ exceeds 3 hour or more your minimum payment amount must exceed​$125.00.​Do ​keep​ in​ mind​ the​ color​ process ​and​ hair​ extension service run about 4 to 5 hour long depending on creativity. 

  • There ​will​ be ​no​ more ​than ​2​ to​ 3​ people​ being ​serviced in ​the ​salon​ at the same time. 

  • Payment ​for​ the​ salon ​will​ be ​Cash​App, ​PayPal, ​and​ Apple​pay.​The​​ ​ online appointments are PayPal only.

  • Deposit will secure all appointments. Please put in Notes of the payment: your name, service and time and date of your appointment. 

  • If​ you ​want ​to ​be ​the ​only ​person​ being​ serviced,​ that​ can​ be​ arranged with an additional fee.

  • The service and service time dictates the additional price. 

  • Until​ further ​notice, ​Intoxicating​ Styles​ will​ no ​longer ​allow​ non​​-serviced clients waiting in the salon. If someone comes with you, they will have to wait outside the salon. 

  • No​ children ​allowed​ unless​ being​ serviced.​ Parents​ please​ provide​ communication for your children to contact you. 

  • Clients​ will​ be​ required​ to​ wear​ face ​masks ​during ​your ​service​ visit.​

  • For ​Hair​ Clients:​ the ​mask ​that​ goes ​around ​the​ ears ​is ​the​ preferred​ mask

  • We,​ your​ service​ provider,​ will​ always​ be​ wearing​ a​ face​ mask​ or ​shield during your service as required by our State Board.



  • Our salon suite has been designated a Safe Salon based on executing the following these sanitation and disinfection practices.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​

  • We ​have​ completed ​the ​BARBICIDE ​Certification​ Course​ for ​safety,​​ ​ sanitation and disinfection. 

  • Use ​of​ disinfectants ​are ​EPA ​registered​and ​labeled​ bactericidal,​ virucidal and fungicidal tools ​will​ be​ disinfected ​after ​each​ clients’​ use.​( following​ manufacturer’s​instructions). Tools ​used​ that ​are​ one-time​ use​ will​ be​ discarded​ after​ each ​use. (Example toe separator, paper shoes,) 

  • Clients ​will no ​longer ​be ​allowed ​to ​touch ​Nail ​Polishes ​moving​​ ​ forward. We will get your colors from now on.

  •  For​ Nail​ Clients, My​ Files ​are​ reusable​ and​ disinfected​ after ​each​ use.

  • All​ Unnecessary items​ such ​as​ magazines,​ newspapers,​ and​ other​​ ​ unnecessary paper products have been removed. 

  • The ​salon​ booklet ​can​ be​ emailed ​to​ you​ upon​ request,​ as​ well​ as​ copies​​​ located​ at​ the​ front​ desk.​

  • Retail​ products ​may​ be​ relocated​ and​retrieved ​as ​needed ​for​ purchase by clients only. Service provider will have access only. 


All​ High​Touch ​areas​ will ​be​ disinfected​ after​ each ​client ​use.​
Includes but not all inclusive:
■​ Door handles ​on ​main ​entrance​ and ​restrooms
■​ Restrooms
■​ Point​of​Sale​Equipment
■​ All​client​Stations
■​ Informational​Desk
■​ Hand ​Sanitizer​ will ​be ​available​ in ​various​ areas​ to ​be​ used​ by​​​

the clients

                                     Welcome Back!

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